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E-bike Government Subsidies in Europe

Here’s a general overview of some government subsidies for buying e-bikes in selected European Union (EU) member states. However, it's important to note that subsidy programs may vary over time, and it is recommended to consult official government websites or local authorities for the most up-to-date information.


Germany offers various incentives at both the federal and local levels. The federal government has implemented a subsidy program called "Environmental Bonus" (Umweltbonus), providing a financial incentive for purchasing electric vehicles, including e-bikes. The subsidy amount varies depending on the type of e-bike and battery capacity.


France has a subsidy program known as "Bicycle Aid" (Aide Vélo), offering financial incentives for purchasing and repairing bicycles, including e-bikes. The program provides a reimbursement of up to 50% of the purchase price, capped at a certain amount.


In the Netherlands, the government has implemented the "Bicycle Plan" (Fietsplan) to promote cycling, including e-bikes. Under this scheme, employers can provide tax-free bicycle allowances to their employees, which can be used towards purchasing an e-bike.


Belgium has regional subsidy programs for e-bikes. For example, the "Bike to Work" program offers financial incentives and tax benefits for employees who use e-bikes for commuting.


Sweden has implemented various regional and municipal programs that provide subsidies and incentives for e-bike purchases. For instance, the city of Stockholm offers a subsidy program called "Eco-cycling Support" (Ekopendelstödet) to encourage sustainable commuting, including subsidies for e-bikes.


Italy has introduced incentives for e-bike purchases through its "Ecobonus" program, aimed at promoting eco-friendly mobility options. The program provides a percentage-based reimbursement on the purchase price of e-bikes, with specific criteria and limitations.


It's worth noting that these examples represent a fraction of the available subsidy programs in EU member states. Many other countries, including Austria, Denmark, Spain, and others, have also introduced subsidy schemes or tax incentives to encourage e-bike adoption and support sustainable transportation.

To obtain comprehensive and up-to-date information on e-bike subsidies in each EU member state, we recommend visiting official government websites or contacting relevant transportation or environmental authorities. These sources can provide detailed information on specific subsidy programs, eligibility criteria, application processes, and any changes or updates to the schemes.

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