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MX-CS710B          FOB Price: 265 USD

10" Alloy, foldable

Suspension Fork

Front drum Brake+Rear Electric Brake

450W Rear Motor 

36V 10.4Ah(upgrade: 13Ah)

with left and right side light

LED Display

Max Speed: 30km/h

Max Distance: 30~35km

image-Photoroom.png-Photoroom (3).png

MX-CSP04               FOB Price:285USD

12" Alloy, foldable

350W Rear Motor 

36V 7.5Ah

Disc Brake

LED Display

With Saddle

With Rear Carrier

Max Speed: 25km/h

Max Distance: 20km


MX-S11 Removable Battery     FOB Price:285USD

10" Alloy+Stainless Frame, Foldable

350W Rear Motor 

36V 7.8Ah, Removable

10" One Piece Wheel

LED Display

Max Speed: 25km/h

Max Distance: 25km

image-Photoroom.png-Photoroom (1).png

MX CS784                   FOB USD 1030

11'' Alloy, with Neon Light Stripes, Foldable

Dual Suspension

1800W+1800W Dual Motor

60V 25Ah

LED Display

With Saddle

Max Speed: 90km/h

Max Distance: 70km

image-Photoroom.png-Photoroom (2).png

MX-773             FOB USD 550

10'' Alloy, with Neon Light Stripes, Foldable

Front Shock Absorber

800W Rear Motor

48V 10Ah

LED Display

Max Speed: 45km/h

Max Distance: 40km


M-CRUZ             FOB USD 550

10'' Alloy, Foldable

Dual Suspension

350W Rear Motor

36V 20Ah

LED Display

Max Speed: 25km/h

Max Distance: 70km

Satisfaction Guarantee

1. All orders are accompanied by a legitimate Certificate of Origin and Invoice to account for more than 70% of local purchases. No circumvention is guaranteed.

2. Our factories pass all major safety regulations and conform to strict regulations.

​3. Every e-bike goes through extensive quality control procedures and is fully tested before boxing.

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